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Our passion for Bostons began in 1999 when we met Penelope, who was to become our 1st Boston Terrier ! It was instant love between us and from then on, I knew Bostons would always be part of my life...


Our bostons are part of our family, so they live by our side of course and puppies grow up in our living room. Our aim is to breed bostons closest possible to the standard, but also healthy, happy dogs with great temperaments. Therefore, health tests are very important to us. All our dogs are clear of early onset hereditary cataracts, and eye &  patella tested.


We are located in the south east of France, near Nice, Monaco and the italian border.



Our Bostons are Bred with Passion, Raised with Love and Shown with Pride...




To visit our French website, please click on the flag below /

Pour visiter notre site français, merci de cliquer sur le drapeau ci-dessous :






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