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About us...



A great breeder and friend of ours, who we look up to a lot, once wrote that a breeder should always introduce himself ! I totally agree with this, so here we go...

My name is Fred Villaume, I was born in the Vosges, in the north east of France in 1976, but it's in Nice, right in the south that I actually grew up.

















Eversince I was a child, I have nourrished a huge passion for dogs thanks to Roxane, a cross bred cocker / spaniel, with who I grew up and who was my confidant and best friend. When I was 10,  I approached the Guide Dogs for the Blind and developped a great interest for education and the special relationship we can create with dogs. By the time I was 15, I knew this was going to be my life and I left my parents to go and study breeding and dog training in Auvergne.


After 2 years of studies and an apprenticeship in a big schnauzer kennel near Paris where I learnt a lot about genetics, I returned to the south of France and started working as a dog trainer and groomer. I soon bought my very first bitch of my own, Reglisse, a beautiful dutch shepherd with great working origins ; with who I experienced dog shows and many many others things. She became my 1st champion, first of Monaco, then international and finally World Veteran Champion ! I also worked with her in Mondioring, agility, research...

















In 2001, after falling in love with Penelope, my collegue's boston terrier, I was offered the opportunity to "adopt" her. In reality, she wasn't officially mine since she remained the property of her owner for whom she had 4 litters but I had the priviledge of living with Penelope and taking care of her, and this was priceless since we had developped such a fantastic relationship ! One of my best memories of Penelope - before she was even mine ! - was how she used to like to sit up on a table next to me while I was grooming and lick my face every time I bent down next to her, as if she was saying "Come on, be my daddy !"... How could I possibly resist ?















                                                                                                                     Penelope & Reglisse


In 2005, I married Reglisse, my dutch shepherd, to Lochness, a beautiful male & top quality producer, and so gave birth to my 1st litter of my own. This was also the year I met my partner, Stephanie, who was to help me fulfill my dreams... Together, we created "Nice Dog Education", my own company of education / dog training & dog services. From then on, we moved to a much bigger place, where I would finally be able to do more breeding. The "Rocher des Ducs" was born, in reference to my native Vosges, and obviously our "canine family" grew...












However, it took us almost 4 years to find our next boston terrier despite being ready to travel across Europe and the world to find her... I phoned and met many breeders but it's finally in France at the Bois Clerbault that we decided to get our girl and we don't regret waiting ! As well as having very nice origins, Good Idea, "G.I." as we call her, has a fantastic temperament and is a real show girl !


In 2013, after being left devastated by the loss of our beloved Penelope a few months earlier, our family welcomed another little Bois Clerbault girl, Legend, with beautiful american origins.

















2013 is also the year we had the great joy of giving birth to our first boston terrier litter. We chose to marry GI to the fantastic MBISS. MCH. Kennedy's Wild Rock'n'Roll with Hessenvilla, A.K.A. "Elvis", a beautiful german stud dog imported from the US. We are very thankful to his owners, Corina and Uwe Münch (HessenVilla Kennel in Germany) and Sarah Kennedy (USA), for allowing this marriage !


We kept a girl from this litter, called "I'm GI Blues by Elvis" in reference to both her parents, & AKA "Memphis", and she has already blessed us with a Puppy Best in Show and many other wins ! Her brother Terje and sisters Pirkko & Rockabella are also doing great in the showrings... And their brother Chino, born in 2014, who we co-own with Stacie Kinnaird & Dawn Mancine (USA), is already American Champion & the 1st french dog to have become American Grand Champion !!

















While Rockabella joined her father at our friend's Corina's HessenVilla Kennel, we were honoured to welcome our first boston boy, HessenVilla's Quarterback, who has developped into a beautiful young man...


















Our bostons, as well as our other dogs, are much more than just dogs for us : they are our love, life and happiness.  They don't live in kennels but by our side in the house and sleep on our sofa (or, for GI, in our bed...). Our puppies grow up in the house with us and with our other dogs and so are fully socialized. Our aim is NOT to produce many puppies, but to breed happy babies closest possible to the standard, fully health tested and with great characters, for shows or pets, and we select the best homes for them where they will be loved and cared for.


Our Bostons are Bred with Passion, Raised with Love, & Shown with Pride...

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