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Our Facebook page :

To follow all our news and be informed of our litters, show results, etc, we will be happy to welcome you on our FB page :





Kennels  in France, Europe & around the world:


France :

Discover our dutch shepherds on our French website :

Our french website Du Rocher des Ducs :












Germany :


Exclusive Boston Terrier breeding

HessenVilla Kennel



Norway :


Boston Terrier & Belgian Shepherd Malinois breeder :

Azenger Kennel



Finland :


Boston Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel & Golden Retriever breeder since 1993.

Shandita's Kennel


Capitanon Kennel


Poland :


Boston Terrier breeding

Moje Bostons




Boston Terrier & French bulldog breeding :

Kennedy's Kennel




Boston Terrier breeding in Texas, USA :

Hilltop Bostons



Dog training / education :


My education / dog training website, Nice Dog Education :





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